Anna University History and Results


Anna University is among the most notable greatest universities in India. It was set up from the year 1978 from the town of Chennai, formerly called Madras. The humid and warm climate of Chennai alongside the hospitable inhabitants of this city resulted in the establishment of the earliest university in India to dilemma Engineering Degrees referred to as Madras Institute of tech at the year 1949. Madras has turned into a metropolis of most intelligent and hard working men and women private blog network. Throughout the British rule, it had been an important centre of trade and communicating with a sturdy naval base. Several intellectuals migrated into the city at that moment. With the

of this nation of tamil nadu, as well as importance given to instruction later independence of India, the requirement to make a university has been sensed. As of the moment, four top colleges of this country were delivered and Anna University had been created.

Anna University was initially called “Perarignar Anna University of Technology” before the calendar year 1982. Its primary campus is situated in southern Chennai with 100 acres of property neighboring Adyar River along with Raj Bhavan. The four schools which were united to Create Anna University are:


Alagappa College of technologies


From the calendar year 2001, it had been formed into an exhibition university. Now it boasts of a wi fi enabled campus along with some present day research centres. It’s begun various special classes for example classes in literary sciences and science. Recently it had been awarded that a 70,000 USD grant from HP. From the calendar year 2007, it started its branches up from Coimbatore, Trichy and Tirunelveli.

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